The SCARIEST Part About HALLOWEEN! Don’t Get Spooked by Rising Solar Rates: Lock in Your Price Now!

As the leaves turn and the nights grow longer, there’s a whisper in the wind about something far more unsettling than ghosts or goblins: rising solar rates. That’s right, starting November 7th, solar prices are set for a 5% increase, affecting systems sold with a battery. This means an average monthly PPA payment rise by $10. But don’t let this news cast a shadow over your solar aspirations; there’s still time to lock in your rates.

The Haunting Details

This isn’t just a ghost story; it’s a reality for anyone considering solar power. After November 7th, if you’re looking to include a battery with your solar system, you’ll find the price per watt rising from $185 to $195. That may not sound like a lot, but over time, those extra dollars can add up to a frightful amount.

Treat Yourself to Locked-in Rates

The treat in this tricky situation is that you can avoid the impending rate hike. How? By locking in your contract before the witching hour strikes on November 7th. If you act now, the price you’re quoted today will be good for 14 days, keeping the ghouls of rising costs at bay.

Why Act Now?

  • Escape the Scare of Increased Costs: With prices set to rise, acting now means more savings in your pocket.
  • Stabilize Your Energy Bills: Solar power offers predictability in your energy costs, something traditional energy sources can’t match.
  • Sustainability isn’t Just for Witches’ Brews: Going solar isn’t just about financial savings; it’s about choosing a sustainable, eco-friendly energy source.

Concluding Spell

This Halloween, don’t let rising solar rates be the scariest thing you face. Treat yourself to the sweet deal of locked-in rates by acting before November 7th. Remember, every day you wait is a step closer to a 5% increase in solar system prices. So, let’s work together to keep the real scares to haunted houses and horror movies.

Trick OR Treat?:

Ready to lock in your rates and avoid the fright of rising costs? Contact US Power today, and let’s secure a sustainable and financially savvy future for you and your family.

At US Power, we believe in a future that’s as bright as a full moon on Halloween night. Don’t let rising rates spook you out of making a wise choice for your home and our planet. Get in touch with us now, and together, we’ll cast a spell for a brighter, greener tomorrow.



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