SunVault Storage System

How Solar + Storage Works

Your SunPower Equinox® solar system generates electricity during the day and uses that energy to power your home and charge the SunVaultTM Storage system. Any extra electricity is sent to the grid.
SunPower Equinox® with SunVaultTM Storage is the only home solar + storage solution designed by one company—providing a truly seamless experience.
Intelligent and intuitive software lets you choose how your stored energy is used. Easily adjust how much energy to save for backup and how much to use to reduce peak-time usage.
Energy storage can help manage your usage during peak times and reduce the impact of complex time-of-use rates.

When the power goes out, SunVault™ Storage can provide seamless backup to power your essential appliances, such as keeping the lights on or running your refrigerator.

Adding SunVault™ Storage to your SunPower Equinox® solar system is the perfect way to make the most of the solar energy you produce.  Check your app to monitor how much power left.

Control Your Own Energy with Solar + Storage

Automatic Intelligence

1 battery can provide up to 3+ Days of Backup

Seamless Transitions

Hub+™ automatically detects utility disruptions, so you switch seamlessly to backup battery power without lifting a finger.

In-Depth Monitoring App

Track your entire system from the palm of your hand before slipping into an air-conditioned nap. Cheers, software algorithm.

Custom Backup Essentials

Choose the appliances connected to backup power and customize your energy use—and comfort—in the event of an outage.

More Power, Longer Life

Power your home when you need it the most

In your home, power is everything. Keeping the lights on at night and food fresh in the refrigerator is more than a luxury. It represents safety, freedom and control. And with SunVault Storage, you can maintain safety and freedom inside your home, regardless of what happens outside of it.

Combining a SunPower Equinox Solar System with SunPower SunVault Storage can power your home with cleaner energy, lower your electric bills and keep the lights on when grid power goes out. Our integrated SunPower Equinox System with SunVault Storage solution works hard to maximize your solar use, collecting excess energy in the daytime and distributing it as needed to power essential devices during an outage, reduce your reliance on grid electricity and reduce peak-time charges.

Complete Confidence Warranty

Power outages are simply part of our world these days. From rolling blackouts to lightning storms to simply spending more time at home—be the house on the block where the lights shine bright and the electric bills drop.

The SunVaultTM Battery is unique in that it seamlessly integrates with your SunPower Equinox® solar system, creating the only complete home solar + storage solution designed and warrantied by a single company—SunPower.

Enjoy peace of mind with an industry-leading 10-year warranty on SunVaultTM Storage as part of SunPower’s Complete Confidence Warranty. SunPower is the only company that stands behind your entire system—panel, inverter, racking, and monitoring, so you never have to worry about which manufacturer to contact if there’s an issue.

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