Hollywood’s Shining Solar Stars: Celebrities Leading the Renewable Revolution

In the sprawling hills of Los Angeles, where glitz and glamour are woven into every thread of the city’s fabric, a new trend has been emerging. It isn’t the latest fashion or a blockbuster movie – it’s solar energy. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Julia Roberts, Hollywood’s finest are harnessing the power of the sun, setting the stage for a sustainable future.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio: An Environmental Icon

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t just a heartthrob on screen; he’s also a passionate environmentalist. His luxurious Los Angeles residence is not only a space of comfort but also a beacon of sustainability. With solar panels dotting his rooftop, Leo is proving that you can live in luxury while still being environmentally conscious.

2. Julia Roberts: America’s Sweetheart Goes Solar

Known for her million-dollar smile and hit movies, Julia Roberts has always been a favorite in Hollywood. Today, she’s winning hearts in a new arena: environmental advocacy. Her stunning Malibu home is fully equipped with solar installations, representing her commitment to a greener world.

3. Alicia Silverstone: Clueless About Solar? Not Anymore!

Alicia Silverstone, a fervent vegan and eco-activist, isn’t just advocating for the environment; she’s living the message. Her Los Angeles home is a testament to her dedication to the planet, showcasing state-of-the-art solar panels and energy-efficient systems.

4. Edward Norton: From the Big Screen to Big Solar Dreams

Ed Norton may be known for his acting chops, but he’s also a major advocate for sustainability. His gorgeous Santa Monica property shines bright, not just due to his star power, but because of its impressive solar systems.


Hollywood’s elite are embracing solar energy, illuminating a path for the rest of us to follow. Their homes, shining examples of luxury meeting sustainability, prove that going green doesn’t mean compromising on style or comfort. Inspired to make your home shine just as bright? US Power is here to guide you every step of the way.



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