Forbes’ Top 5 Solar Companies in 2023

The solar industry, a beacon for sustainable change, has witnessed rapid transformations over the past years. As we find ourselves in 2023, Forbes has rolled out its prestigious list of the top 5 solar giants leading the charge. This article takes a detailed look at each of these industry leaders.

5. Elevation Solar: A New Dimension to Home Efficiency
What makes Elevation Solar stand out is its dedication to the bigger picture – a holistic home energy solution. While solar installations form a pivotal part of their offerings, their approach to integrating home energy efficiency solutions sets them apart. This comprehensive focus is why they’ve been heralded as the “Best For Home Efficiency”.

4. Green Home Systems: Where Customers Speak Volumes
In the digital age, consumer reviews are gold. Green Home Systems has struck a chord with its customers, with a deluge of positive testimonials attesting to their service quality and product reliability. By placing the homeowner at the center of their operations, they’ve rightfully earned their spot as the company with the “Best Consumer Reviews”.

3. Blue Raven Solar: Financing Your Solar Dream
For many homeowners, the journey to solar begins with a simple question – “Can I afford it?” Blue Raven Solar answers this with a range of flexible financing options, ensuring that solar adoption is not just an eco-friendly choice but also a financially savvy one. Their commendation as the “Best Financing” provider speaks to their commitment to making solar accessible for all.

2. ADT Solar: Crafting the Perfect Customer Experience
The solar journey, from inquiry to installation, is filled with numerous touchpoints. ADT Solar has perfected this journey, offering a seamless experience that ensures homeowners are supported at every step. Their distinction as the “Best Customer Experience” is a testament to their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

1. SunPower: The Gold Standard in Solar
At the pinnacle of solar innovation and efficiency sits SunPower. Their pioneering technology and commitment to excellence have made them a household name globally. From residential rooftops to expansive solar farms, their footprint is omnipresent. Forbes’ recognition of SunPower as the “Best Overall” underscores their unmatched leadership in the sector.

The world of solar is as dynamic as it is transformative. As homeowners and businesses continue their shift towards sustainable energy, it’s pivotal to recognize and understand the industry leaders shaping this change. SunPower, standing tall as the “Best Overall”, is a testament to their enduring excellence and innovation in the solar realm. It’s with immense pride that we at US Power align ourselves as a direct dealer to SunPower, bringing their world-class solar solutions directly to you. If you’re considering making the solar switch or just keeping tabs on the industry, remember that with US Power, you’re choosing not just any solar provider, but a direct link to the best in the business. Reach out to us and let’s illuminate your path to sustainable energy together.



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